Lament for Owen Christy
Jim Stewart, of St. John, New Brunswick

2:42 - 3.8 Mb

Jeff May - Guitar
François Boucher – Violin
Cameron Wallis – Flute

Recorded by Eli Krantzberg

Owen Christy was one of nearly 17,000 Irish immigrants fleeing the Famine who attempted to land in Saint John, New Brunswick, in 1847. That was the peak year of the Irish influx. Of those 17,000, some 2,000 died on the voyage over or shortly after. Owen is buried, with approximately 600 others, in mass graves on Partridge Island in Saint John harbour. The Tune was written for all those immigrants but Owen's name just jumped out of a list of casualties from the quarantine station reprinted in a book by the New Brunswick museum. His name may well have been "Christie" but it appears as "Christy" in the list of deaths."

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