My Musical Community

Throughout my entire carreer as a musician, I have been blessed by the presence of so many remarkable human beings, each of whom has added so much to the fabric of my being, and to my overall experience as a musician.

Rather than go on to say that the list is too long to mention everyone, I am choosing to pay tribute to you all by acknowledging you here.

If you see your name listed below, please know that you have given me “more than words can ever say” through your willingness to join with me at some point in time to help bring us all back to that place outside of time – that shared place of wonder that music is capable of bringing to our lives.

If, on the other hand, you don’t see your name listed below, and you know it belongs here, I ask that you please contact me immediately so that I can remedy the situation at once!

And now, here are all the people to whom I owe so much in the way of appreciation and gratitude:


Al McLean
Andrew Schinasi
Billy Kerr
Bruno Lamarche
Cameron Wallis
David Kaetz
Frank Lozano
Jennifer Bell
Joel Miller
Libert Subirana
Marise May
Pascal Véraquin
Robert O'Callaghan
Sayyd Abdul Al-Khabyyr
Shmil Berniker
Simon Stone
Tobias Beale


Adam Over
Adrian Vedady
Alec Walkington
Alex Bellegarde
Brian Hurley
Christophe Papadimitriou
Daniel Lessard
Dave Gelfand
Dave Watts
Eric Lagacé
Fraser Hollins
Frederic Alarie
John Samboursky
Kyle Morin
Marcin Garbulinski
Mark Peetsma
Peter Wilson
Rick Rosato
Rob Fahie
Roy Eastman
Sage Reynolds
Shane Mackenzie
Skip Bey
Tommy Babin


Andy King
Aron Doyle
Bill Mahar
Charles Ellison
Kevin Dean
Muhammad Abdul Al-Khabyyr
Ralph Denzer
Roger Walls
Stanley Lake


Andrew Cowan
Cordel Hennenbury
Gabriel Lambert
Greg Amirault
Greg Clayton
Jon Gearey
Kenny Bibace
Michel Berard
Mike Rud
Rene Gely


Allan Crossman
Andrew Homzy
Brian Brice
Isabelle Vadeboncoeur
Jeff Johnston
Joe Ferracuti
John Stetch
Robin Chemtov
Robin Grieg
Steve Gildersleeve
Tim Jackson
Tom Van Seters


Cicela Mansson
Daniel Block
Dawn Tyler Watson
Denis Dean
Denis Ducharme
Gilles Bernard
Jean-Elliot Manning
Jennifer Gasoi
Jim Oulton
John Labelle
Juanita-Marie Franklin
Karen Potje
Kathy Kennedy
Linda Morrison
Louise Thibault
Lynne Hamilton
Michael Danso
Paulo Ramos
Robin Gorn
Sara Latendresse
Sharon Azrieli
Tom Fox
Trisha Pope
Vivienne Deane


André White
Claude Lavergne
Dave Laing
Eli Krantzberg
Eric Thibodeau
John Miller
John Rudel
Marc Beland
Mateo Solkin
Nasyr Abdul Al-Khabyyr
Paul Leger
Pierre Haché
Rob Kuster
Thomas Durant
Wali Muhammad


Alex Kehler
Aline Homzy
Florence Lemieux
François Boucher
Gilles Losier
Josianne Laberge
Karen Bell
Luanne Homzy
Peter Purich
Phil Raphals
Véronique Poulin


Annabelle Renzo
Stacey Loewen
Olga Gross

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