For over three decades, I have worked with many musicians, taught many students and played numerous engagements in every possible setting. The following is a sample of the letters and comments I have received throughout my career.

"Jeff has the capacity to intelligently engage in the universal language of improvised music: the vocabulary, technique, and ability to bring the intangible, closer to the tangible level of understanding, that principally speaks from his heart, to those who are listening."
Sayyd Abdul Al-Khabyyr
Mentor, Multi-Instrumentalist, Jazz Master and Innovator
International Touring Artist with Dizzy Gillespie and the Duke Ellington Orchestra - March,1978

"Jeffrey May is one of the finest artists with whom I have ever woven a sound tapestry. He brings a combination of Soulful Artistry, solid musical techniques and a positive and ethical business acumen to each and every creative situation that comes his way. The term 'Show Business' is made up of the words 'Show' and 'Business'. In Jeffrey May I, and everyone who meets him, find a perfect balance and blending of both. In short, this man is . . . Show Business in its truest and finest meaning."
Michael Danso
Jazz Vocalist & Entertainer

"I've been playing music with Jeffrey for about 6 years. I guess the easiest way to describe him is "one of a kind". He might be playing guitar, flute, piano, clarinet or congas. It doesn't matter. We always end up playing great music and having a lot of fun along the way."
Adrian Vedady
Montreal Bassist & Composer
Here is a lovely letter sent to me by a couple that hired me to arrange the musical accompaniment for their wedding. I was moved that they would take the time to write such a touching letter. You can click on the letter to see a larger version.

September 7, 1993

Dear Jeffrey,

Thank you so very much for the superb job you did in providing the music for our wedding. The musicians were first class and the selection of music was balanced and impeccable. It seemed to us that you were all enjoying it as well! We particularly want to thank you for the effort you made in learning the Intermezzo for the ceremony. What a bonus, a real gift you gave us when you surprised us with a full orchestra rendition at the end of the evening. We could not have imagined a more perfect end to an absolutely ideal day. For giving us this unforgettable moment, we are truly grateful.

Kindest personal regards, Monica and Danny

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"Jeffrey May's jazz quartet provided the perfect compliment to what turned out to be a very successful evening. I can honestly say, as a professional meeting planner, that without Jeffrey May and his musicians, we would not have had such a positive response to our reception. The performance wonderfully complimented the evening, boosting the ambience and excitement level for all attendees.  All aspects of Mr. Jeffrey May's group were professional and outstanding.  From booking to arriving, to presentation and tear down, there was not one moment where I felt the need to worry.  As a meeting planner, the last thing you want to do is worry about a vendor you have contracted. Mr. May lived up to and exceeded his end of the deal. Words cannot accurately describe how incredibly satisfied we were! The cost was absolutely, without a doubt, worth every penny. My only regret is that our next meeting is not in Montreal."

Steven J. Molter
Society of Behavioral Medicine - Milwaukee, WI
30th Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions
April 23, 2009

"Jeffrey May and his accomplished musical colleagues are versatile, energetic and highly talented. Not only have I engaged him for hospital events, large and small, but I have enjoyed his music at family functions, including dinner parties, anniversary celebrations and even my own wedding."
Glenn J. Nashen
Director of Public Affairs & Communications
Sir Mortimer B. Davis - Jewish General Hospital

"You made our party a wonderful warm success!"
Faye Galat
June, 2006

"Jeffrey is a talented musician who approaches his work with humility and his students with respect. I have especially appreciated his holistic approach to the world of music. He tightly links musical theory to practice, which has enabled me, for the first time, to sense a continuity between the two elements."

Lisa Paterson
Montreal - May 7, 1990

"...Jeffrey also gave me the confidence to create and improvise using my awareness and emotions as a pivot point, to see beyond mechanics into the potential for expression, which should be a constant in musical study. For this he will be remembered as my most influential music teacher to date."

Jack McDonald
Wolfville, Nova Scotia - Dec. 30, 1977

"Jeffrey May is a musical friend of West End and Little Sister daycare. He has a long history of sharing his friendship and his talents with us in our little school in N.D.G. Jeffrey first began as a young child in our famous pre-school. Over the years he has grown and evolved into a multi-talented musician. He has stayed close to us however. He comes back to West End and Little Sister often to perform for the adults and to entertain and to teach the children. He has shared many a memorable concert with us as we celebrate our own milestones: anniversaries; christmas, Chanukah, retirements, and much more. He shares with us his vast wealth of songs, musical styles and his great array of musical instruments. The children love to hear him play the flutes and they love to bang on his congas. The adults love listening to his smooth jazz played on the guitar. We always enjoy the days or evenings when Jeff comes through our doors to share his music and friendship with us."

Paula Lamarre
West End Daycare and Little Sister Daycare

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